Who isn’t boring?

You might think, from my last post, that anyone who is saved would be considered a 3 dimensional character. But I haven’t really described what the fourth dimension would be.

We’ve seen the box which represents the 3rd dimension. It seems as if everyone makes some spooky sounds when they mention “the fourth dimension”, but that’s just dumb (and it annoys me to the point of shouting about it sometimes). The 4th dimension is the 3 dimensional box placed adjacently to another 3 dimensional box. We perceive it as to the right of it since our TIMElines flow from left (past) to right (present).

This is the type of character which people should aspire to. This would be the type which mostly speaks of eternal things (so I suppose it would have to be saved people, wouldn’t it?). But we still live in the 3rd dimension so those who have their mind transcending the 4th dimension seem to live in the 3rd even more than those who live in the world (what would translate to the 2nd in our perception).

Does any of this make sense?

It’s a bit hard to explain this properly and be motivated to, especially when no one even comments “read” (as in, “I read it”).

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