Expiration dates and Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson always talked about the “Good Ol’ Days”.

So did Dennis The Menace.

After doing some quick research I’ve learned that I have always lived at a time when there were expiration dates on food products. I can’t remember ever caring about it, but, now that I am accountable to myself and don’t want to get myself (or anyone else in my house) sick, I’ve been paying attention.

Here are TWO good sites contained in this ONE URL (which I pronounce, EARL. Does anyone else do that? It seems like too much WORK to actually say the letters): http://1link.in/qtugw

The links in the above link include the “codes” GENEXP (for general expiration date info) and EXPFAQ (for expiration date frequently asked questions… speaking of which, does anyone else pronounce “FAQ” as “FACK”? Again, it’s WORK to say, “Eff, Ay, Kue”, right?)

So… do you remember the good ol’ days? I apparently can’t technically since I lived at a time when they existed (even though I didn’t care). I just ate what my Daddy fed me. He made Goulash (which I’ve spelled Ghoulash until I tried to find a recipe for it… stupid other languages not keeping the letter “h” following the “g” 😦 ) which I can’t ever remember the recipe for and I’ve never written it down when he did give it to me.

Is it possible all of this is a government conspiracy to make people believe the dates matter so they waste and buy more food? When will someone detonate a nuclear bomb in the stratosphere so that all of our computer systems go down (or is it just satellite communications?) and we have to rely on what food looks, smells, and tastes like instead of the non-existent expiration dates (or more likely the government will control everything and tell us what we can and can’t eat and ration everything and starve so many people while Barack Obama holds the food storage facilities and farmers responsible even though he called for the dismantling of the Missile Shield in Eastern Europe and… AND… OH MY GOODNESS!! I’m just kidding, really… it’s not like that will ever happen……. right?)?

Anyway, I didn’t intend to get political… so… the original question is, “do you remember the good ol’ days before expiration dates?”

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