Pandora had a dumb eco-system

I saw the movie (which has recently been re-released) called “Avatar”. There’s plenty of people discussing the anti-Christian nature of it since it includes elements of New Age and other stuff.

What I don’t know if anyone has said anything about how stupid the eco-system of the planet Pandora. Many people ask, “why would a good God allow bad things to happen to good people” or, “why would a good God allow evil to exist?”

Do you think the creatures of Pandora would ask, “why would a good God allow our entire eco-system to be located in central location of our planet?!” Seriously, it’s dumb. Kill one tree and they’ll go crazy. If you harvest that one site enough they’d probly die. On our planet (Earth… just in case anyone from another planet is reading this… I guess), God created it so that we didn’t really have a hub for our ecological system, but He made it so that we weren’t vulnerable to one idiot with a saw.

Aren’t you glad our God is smart (an understatement for an omniscient God, I know)?

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