Birth Control Pills KILL

It does make the womb impossible for a fertilized egg to attach to its wall.

How comfortable would you be if you had to enter just ONE building (in some post-apocalyptic fantasy which won’t ever happen) where everything you could ever need was in any given one of them, BUT all the doors are locked & the windows are impossible to break?

And all of this was done because the government (i.e. the governing BODY – not to be confused with “The Watchtower” – hahaha) “planned” for this situation because they couldn’t stand the thought of allowing someone to live in such a world.

Birth control pills passively murder your baby 😦

Don’t believe me? Prove it.

Or just check out these two sites: here’s a video & here’s a bunch of words from January 1998 reposted on April 21st, 2010 Even though it’s old it seems like it’s still relevant since it was reposted over 12 years later, right?

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