Want H2O? We can’t trust you

If we did trust you we would give you a bigger cup… but we don’t. So here’s your 8 ounces of water.

Fast food restaurants don’t trust YOU! Even when you order from the drive-thru!

I wonder how many people would be so dedicated to getting a free soft drink for free that they’ll go to a restaurant drive-thru, order a water, and, having the normal type cup, RUN inside and fill it up with a soft drink. Would you spend the time to do it? Wouldn’t that be called stealing?

If I were to go to any restaurant, where the soft drinks are accessible for refills, and just start drinking directly from the machine, would the employees do anything? I wouldn’t put my mouth on it. I promise. Would they call the police and have them order me to pay the $1.07 for a small/kiddie cup or take me to jail for petty larceny?

Should I try to find out for everyone? (With the manager’s permission ahead of time, of course… which, I understand, is not as fun for some people, but I don’t want to find out the hard way what a police officer would do.)

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