#Prayer WARS!

To be played by two teams of how many ever people on each team. Prayers must be in Jesus’ name (John 14-16), according to His will (1 John 5), and clothed (Colossians 3).

For every prayer made by Team Alpha, a blessing will be assumed as given to Team Beta  and Vice Versa.

Teams will begin and end the game on the 8th day of any given week.

On the 8th day (Sunday), blessings will be counted and the sum will equal the score for that team.

The team with the MOST points, LOSES!

Doesn’t that sound fun (and kinda’ funny)? The idea is that the more Team A prays, the more blessings the Team B gets. I say that the team with the most blessings loses (as if blessings are a bad thing) since it would mean that the other team was praying more (at least according to this flawed theory).


Try it this week! Let me know what happens!

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