When I was young: Marriage

Everyone has some understanding of what marriage looks like from a young age. I’ll bet that most people remember their parents and think of their relationship as the ideal, if not the lowest standard they would ever have (since “I was raised that way and look how I turned out”) for their own marriage.

But I’m different. For some reason, my concept was different and completely independent of what I viewed in my world… or maybe I saw it in a TV show or a movie. Who knows? (I watched TONS of TV as a kid.)

My vision of an ideal marriage is best explained in one scene:

It’s late
A man (me) at a desk.
A woman (my beautiful wife, of course) on a bed behind him (me)
(who CARES what she’s wearing?!… that part was always hazy to me and didn’t matter since all I cared about was kissing)
The man (still me) is working on something
(who CARES what the man/me is working on?! He’s a MAN and men WORK!)
(Also, I’m not at a computer because computers have only relatively recently become important in my life)
So the final part of this is:
My wife says something to the effect of “come to bed, honey” (in a somewhat desperate way… like she REALLY wants to kiss me)
To which I respond the way any manly man would, (think serious cartoony-gruff voice) “I can’t – I’m working”

Aaaaand that’s the scene.
A man working on something that both the man and the woman think is important for the man to be doing (as demonstrated by the use of “honey” in the woman’s request).
The woman in bed and waiting for her faithful and diligent husband who she admires so much for his hard work (as demonstrated by the use of “honey” in her request).

So basically two elements. A dedication to work and being desired by a wife who loves me.

That’s it.

So what’s YOUR concept of marriage expressed in one scene?

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